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Gavin Greeson Sara Harwell
Garrison Groover Madison Keeble
Ty Hampton Hana Massey
Bo Healy McKenzie Savage
Easton King
Will McQuagge
Adrian Oyler
Evan Pirtle
Riley Sumrall
JK Walters
Fulton Wardlaw
Hayden Yerbey


7/15 Practice Brainerd 1:30 PM
7/16 Practice Brainerd 1:30 PM
7/17 Practice Brainerd 1:30 PM
7/18 Practice Bear Trace 10:00 AM
7/19 Practice Bear Trace 10:00 AM
7/22 Practice Brainerd 1:30 PM
7/23 Practice Brainerd 1:30 PM
7/24 Practice Brainerd 1:30 PM
7/26 Practice Brown Acres 1:00 PM
7/30 Tournament Brown Acres 9:00 AM
8/1 CCS Brainerd 4:00 PM
8/6 Collegedale Windstone 4:00 PM
8/8 St. Andrews Sewanee (Boys Only) Brainerd 4:00 PM
8/12 Practice Brainerd 4:00 PM
8/13 St. Andrews Sewanee (Boys Only) Sewanee 4:00 PM
8/15 CCS Moccasin Bend 4:00 PM
8/19 Notre Dame Brainerd 4:00 PM
8/20 Pratice Brainerd 4:00 PM
8/22 Silverdale Brainerd 4:00 PM
8/26 Practice Brainerd 4:00 PM
8/27 Collegedale Brainerd 4:00 PM
8/29 Silverdale Bear Trace 4:00 PM
9/3 Practice Brainerd 4:00 PM
9/5 Practice Brainerd 4:00 PM
9/9 District Tournament Brainerd
9/16 Back-up District Brainerd
9/30 State Tournament
10/1 State Tournament

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Coaching Staff



Head Coach

My name is Andrew Donahoo and I teach Chemistry in the High School. This is my sixth year coaching golf and my first year being the head coach. I've been playing golf since I was in first grade, on and off, and love to see our athletes grow and excel their game. I enjoy seeing the same athletes year after year as well as new students develop an interest in the game.


Assistant Coach